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“With Star’s guidance, I have an office that is organized. My book shelves are clear of clutter and my desk is not overflowing! Best of all, I feel proud when people come in and see the change. Star is truly a super star!”

— Jeff, VP of Finance

Star is amazing! She guides you through a very personal process, making it fun and easy, helping you build the system that works best for you!”

— Steve, President

You completely, and totally, changed my life. I didn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed. You were professional and sensitive — you cared about my things just as much as I did. It was a full process and once completed, unbelievably amazing.”

— Cathy, CPA

Star truly cares and wants to challenge you to have all that you’ve ever imagined. Star has a vibrant, yummy and delicious energy that is wonderful to be around. She’s gentle and efficient. I am so grateful to Star Hansen.”

— Patty, Entrepreneur

“I’ve always thought of myself as an effective leader, consultant, and executive. But I didn’t begin to suspect half of who I could be. Since working with Star, my approach to e-mail alone has transformed from a daily nightmare, to a system of clear, focused actions. I see an unbelievable difference in the ways I relate to time, work, communications, priorities, life balance, and relationships. Star is a rare treasure, and anyone who has the privilege of working with her will be amazed!”

— Elizabeth, Health Care Executive

“Star spoke with charisma, humor, and insight, motivating the attendees to take what they learned and apply it on their own at home.”

— Trang, Non-Profit Program Associate

“I have been to organizational seminars and read books, but I was only able to really apply one or two things from each. Star’s ability to listen to what I needed, identify where my strengths and weaknesses were and develop a customized system has done more for me than all the classes and books combined.”

— Tracy, CPA

“It’s amazing to see with a few simple steps how Star has been able to help me get a handle on my email. It should be a much more complicated process but it’s not!”

— Dave, VP of Sales

“Star is passionate about her work and genuinely cares about the goals of her clients. I feel great about my results. I can find things so easily and when I do collect a bit of clutter, I implement the techniques Star taught me. I give her my highest recommendation.”

— Terry, CEO

“I’ve spent the past week deconstructing and reconstructing my office space. It’s actually an office and there’s actually space. Amazing. Thanks to the help of Star Hansen, I’m getting hecka organized. It’s like clearing clutter from your brain. I’m quite excited about it, because I’ll be able to get back to writing music after this project is done.”

— Norm, Musician

“Star has a unique talent for helping me to accomplish what no one else has been able to do. When she leaves, I can scarcely believe the progress we have made. I am finally coming to life and transforming into the person that I’ve always dreamed of becoming. I am 59 years old and I am living proof that there is hope for you to break out of your cocoon and become a free and beautiful butterfly.”

— Diane, Educator

Star has been invaluable to my productivity at work. I used to think of myself as a disorganized person, but Star helped me recognize the systems that I had in place and make small changes that allowed my systems to work for me. She also introduced me to a way to process my email and manage my deadlines more effectively. When I left my former employer to start my own business, I included time was Star was in my annual budget because I truly value her insights and advice, and I feel she makes me a more successful business person.”

— Sherry – Entreprenuer

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