Have you tried to clear your clutter dozens of time but still struggle?

Are you ready to get organized and finally stay organized for life?  I can help you release your chaos and create space to breathe again.  Getting organized isn’t about simply knowing how to “be organized.” Often our clutter is giving us important insights into ourselves and our lives. I can help you decode the layers of your clutter to discover what it is trying to tell you.

Together, we will uncover your own unique organizing genius and create systems customized to how you think and live. You will learn to release your clutter so you aren’t restricted by it any longer, allowing you to live a happy and free life unencumbered by clutter, chaos, shame and fear.

Let me help you dig past the cluttered surfaces so you can set yourself free from clutter’s grip once and for all.


Since I can’t clone myself and work in everyone’s home (as much as I wish I could), I’ve come up with a way for you to have me be with you every step of the way as you reclaim your home and life from clutter & chaos!

Powerhouse organizing sessions that blend life coaching and organizing. One-on-one virtual sessions with Star will help you see beyond the clutter so you can release it once and for all, plus get personalized action strategies tailored to your needs to help guide you in creating the home and life you desire.

Online organizing courses allow you to get organized  from anywhere…in your own time and in your own way. Star’s online courses will guide you through organizing any type of clutter and chaos in your life, while learning how to awaken your inner organizing genius and stay organized for life.

Full day organizing sessions with Star in your home or office that will help you organize your space, and give you the necessary support and guidance as you transform your life.  Learn to organize for your own unique needs and lifestyle, and address the deeper layers of your clutter so it never comes back.

Stop Puting Out Fires

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Reveal The Strength Within Your Chaos

What clues are hiding in your stuff? Decode the true meaning of your clutter and access the secret message it holds for you. With the right tools and the right questions, you will unearth the key that will set you free, so you can finally create the life of your dreams.

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