Star Hansen brings organization to the world one color-coded label at a time. With her vibrant presence, girl next door charm, empowering compassion, and organizing know-how, Star breaks down the stigma that organizing is an overwhelming and dreary task.

Known as the “Lifestyle Organizer,” Star’s multi-layered approach is that of mind, body, spirit, & space, with a focus on green living. Star has a knack for seeing through the chaos and into the lives & hearts of the people she works with. She diagnoses people’s emotional and lifestyle blocks through their clutter, guiding them to a state of organization and joy.

She has been sought out to appear as a host and organizing expert for OWN, TLC, HGTV, Style, A&E, and the Tyra Banks Show. Star’s humorous and thought-provoking TEDx Tucson talk explores what the monsters in your closet are trying to tell you.

Star can be found teaching her online organizing classes and working with clients around the country.


“The show you did on clearing clutter and chaos from your life was awesome! Watching the entire process with your professional organizer, Star Hansen, was inspiring, informative, positive, attainable. I loved it!”

— Tyra Banks Show

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