What would you do with more freedom, space and joy in your life?   Wouldn’t it be nice if your spaces and routines helped support you instead of distract you?  I’m a Certified Professional Organizer® who helps you get your entire life in order by fearlessly deconstructing yesterday to make space for tomorrow.  I work with passionate people who are experiencing problems of abundance.  Abundance of responsibility, stuff, ideas, community, and commitments. Together we create systems and strategies that eliminate chaos in all areas of your life, allowing you to focus on what is truly important and fill your space with life, not stuff.

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I’m an organizer, clutter whisperer and fierce optimist. I don’t organize because I love boxes, labels and tag-worthy “after” pictures. I organize because I know how much this world needs your joy, purpose and passion…unencumbered by clutter and chaos.

I believe in you. I believe that your spaces & stuff are the gateway to your freedom. I see every day how clutter and chaos can actually help you up level every single area of your life. I believe your home is your sanctuary. And I believe you deserve a home that supports the incredible journey you are right in the middle of adventuring through today. I want to help you create that.

I want to help you set your spaces up to support you, instead of drain you. I want to give you a kitchen table where you can sit with loved ones and laugh for hours. I want to help you create a home where you can have people over without going into a frantic “hide the clutter” mode before they arrive. I want to help you leave the house more quickly so you can watch your kids’ school Halloween parade before work or go for a sunrise hike on Sunday morning. I want to help you create safe spaces to find shelter when the world feels like it’s too much.

So welcome, I’m happy to have you here. Take a look around. Reach out if you feel like this is the right place for you. You’re not alone. I’m so happy you’re here.


Star is amazing! She guides you through a very personal process, making it fun and easy, helping you build the system that works best for you!

— Steve, President

“I’ve always thought of myself as an effective leader, consultant, and Executive. However, I didn’t begin to suspect half of who I could be. Thanks to Star, my approach to email alone has transformed from a daily nightmare to a system of clear, focused actions.”

— Elizabeth, Health Care Executive

“It’s amazing to see with a few simple steps how Star has been able to help me get a handle on my email. It should be a much more complicated process but it’s not! ”

— Dave, VP of Sales

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