You don’t have to organize alone anymore! Star will guide you in organizing every area of your life and home as we declutter a new space each month.  Organizing holds the power to set you free in every area of your life!

What is your clutter trying to tell you?  Decode the true meaning of your clutter and discover what your it is trying to say to you.  With the right tools, your clutter is a teacher that will set you free and help you create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Imagine a life without clutter. A world where you spend your time doing things you love. Free of stress, overwhelm, and managing your never-ending to-do list. In this class, you’ll learn seven ways to transform your overwhelm into freedom. Once the overwhelm is managed, you can face the clutter and finally live a life of freedom and peace!

Master the 10 steps that will guide you through organizing anything, and keep you organized for life.  Build an arsenal of resources and tools that will elevate your organizing game.  Do a deep dig on your clutter so it never comes back again.

Does time feel like it’s flying by, but you aren’t accomplishing the things you want to? This powerful and fun workshop will help you change how you manage your life, time, and calendar. These simple time-management tools will help you take control of your life again. Get ready to shift your relationship with time and actualize your dreams this year!

Does working from home leave you feeling stressed out and overwhelmed? This class will teach you key strategies for working from home so you can transform your work from home experience from a feat of survival to an opportunity to thrive. When you combine work from home practices with organizing strategies, anything is possible! Learn how to stay focused, get more done in less time, and actually experience balance while working from home.

Feel like clutter is getting in the way of love and romance in your life? This powerful class will teach you how to de-clutter your life and home to help you manifest love in your life. This class will show you how your space can help you manifest the love and romance you’ve been looking for.

Ready to see major organizing progress? Like, now?!? Find out how to overcome the blocks that have been keeping you stuck in clutter. Star will guide you through making huge organizing progress and overcome anything that’s holding you back!


Stop Puting Out Fires

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Reveal The Strength Within Your Chaos

What clues are hiding in your stuff? Decode the true meaning of your clutter and access the secret message it holds for you. With the right tools and the right questions, you will unearth the key that will set you free, so you can finally create the life of your dreams.

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