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Get rid your donation items right now without ever leaving your house

Get rid your donation items right now without ever leaving your house

It’s quarantine time.  You’re home, you’re organizing & you're making great progress.  Yes!!!  It feels so good, doesn’t it? You have a giant pile of donations ready to be donated when all of a sudden it dawns on you…”Wait, I can’t leave my house.  How am I going...

What if it doesn’t spark joy… AND you can’t get rid of it?

Marie Kondo made huge, beautiful waves in the world when she suggested that we should only keep things that “Spark Joy” in our lives! I love this concept and agree with her philosophy for the most part, but what happens to the items that don’t spark joy but that you...

Who Organizes the Organizer?

Who Organizes the Organizer?

I’m standing there holding a black wrap dress in my hand.  I’ve worn it to countless funerals, including the most painful funeral of my life. Looking at it brings tears to my eyes, but also, I feel total resistance to letting it go.  I glance up and look at Syl, my...

Is your clutter talking to you?

Is your clutter talking to you?

Have you ever had the feeling that you clutter is trying to tell you something?  That maybe it means something beyond just “I have too much stuff” or I’m too lazy to clean up at the end of the day?” or “I love shoes!” If you’ve ever sensed that, you’re 100% right. ...

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