At 5am this morning, my Dad drove me to the airport. (Yep…he totally wins Dad of the year for that one!)

Coffee in hand, braving the empty streets of Tucson, he asked why I’m going to Boston for the next few months.

“I’m creating the most important class I’ve ever created, and I wanted to be in one of my happy places to do it.”

“What’s the class about?” He asked.

I told him how it’s a system for using your clutter to heal. True Spiritual Organizing. It teaches you to understand how clutter is actually helping you. It illuminates what areas of life are being affected for you. And then how to use those insights to get those needs met in a healthy way, so you no longer need clutter to do it for you.

Clutter is simply a physical expression of something we are already living and experiencing internally. Clutter is trying to give us insight into our lives.

Once you understand what clutter is telling you, you can heal the root cause, and the clutter will fall away because you don’t need it anymore.

I told him about the teacup story and how Tricia used her clutter to awaken a new path to her dream career. And about how James used boxes of clutter near his bed to welcome in true love.

“Wow.” He said. “Who knew there were so many layers to clutter? But how can you tell if it’s talking to you?”

There are so many ways to tell if your clutter is talking to you. There are very specific feelings, patterns, impulses, and ‘red flags’ that will tell you if clutter is trying to tell you something.

At that moment, it dawned on me that many people may not know if their clutter is talking to them.

Is your clutter talking to you?

It can be hard to know if clutter is talking to us. Sometimes we can’t see that clutter is sending us a big ol’ S-O-S because we become numb to our clutter from seeing it every day. Plus, our subconscious works really hard to avoid what’s buried in our clutter because it’s afraid that what’s buried there will destroy us.

Hiding from our clutter surrounds us with fear, shame, and overwhelm.

Knowing if your clutter is talking to you is the first step to healing the true cause of clutter so you can release it from your life forever.

To help you know if your clutter is talking to you, I created a checklist to help you know for sure.

In less than 5 minutes, this checklist will tell you if your clutter is talking to you.

And because I know that sometimes realizing your clutter is talking to you creates a lot of anxiety and stress, I added a little bonus to allow you to win a free session with me.

Insight and support? Yes, please!!!

Grab the checklist HERE and find out if your clutter is talking to you.

The gateway to a clutter-free life starts with knowing if clutter is talking to you.

Discover if yours has something to say by clicking HERE.