Can a single object change the course of your life?

Not make you happy for the day or the week but really, truly change your life forever.

I can say with 100% certainty that the answer is…YES!!!

If you watched my TEDx talk, you’re no stranger to the teacup story. If you missed it, the story is about a couple named Tricia and Paul and our kitchen organizing adventure.

This seemingly happy couple ignored a broken teacup (and overflowed their kitchen with clutter) for over a year, in a silent feud with each other.

As we dug the teacup out of the clutter, Tricia had an epiphany and changed the course of her life forever.

The clutter cleared up, but more importantly, she is now living a life she once only dreamed of.

And she’s not the only one:

  • Terry used a bathrobe to welcome in true love and partnership
  • Donna used a box of paperwork to leave a soul-sucking job and start two successful businesses in the city of her dreams
  • Lance turned a photo into a Grammy nomination
  • Jessica used her secret stash of plastic bags to get off the couch and feel like herself again
  • And the list goes on…

So, what’s hiding in your clutter?

Is something waiting in your clutter that wants to wake you up, turn on your shine, or change the course of your life forever?

Sometimes we know exactly what this object is and how it’s meant to help us…but we bury it because we’re just not ready to face that reality quite yet.

Other times, we have no idea what’s buried in the clutter, and the idea of unmasking what’s there (good or bad) is absolutely terrifying.

I know that decluttering can be scary, but it’s also one of the most life-transforming things we will ever do for ourselves.

Organizing isn’t a task to complete. It’s a life-changing, soul-shaking transformation that will take you places you never thought were possible.

You will never regret walking this path.

What’s hiding in your clutter?

If you have no idea (or that question makes you want to jump out of your skin), consider joining us for the Meaning of Stuff class. In this class, I teach you how to discover the treasures hidden in your cluttered piles.

Once you see your clutter with new eyes, your life will never be the same.

Thank you teacup!