I’ve been connecting with a lot of friends lately who are having a tough time. Between health challenges, relationship strain, financial insecurity, death, and general uncertainty.  Things have been difficult, to say the least. 

I’ve been noticing a similar feeling in my own life.  It’s not that anything in particular is “wrong” outside of what we’ve been in the middle of for the past year.  I just feel a bit more sensitive and easy to spin out of control than usual. 

The unending stress of this past year has affected so many of us in unexpected ways.  

I remember in 2010, when I was going through my year of hell, I thought it would never end. That I couldn’t survive it.  And yet, I did.  And I didn’t just survive it.  That year became one of the most important periods of growth in my life so far.

I think this moment in time has the same potential.  

To help you through, I wanted to share four things I heard that year that still help me to this day:

1-Everything you’re feeling makes perfect sense.

It’s normal to feel challenging feelings. Fear, depression, overwhelm, anxiety come without invitation.  Remember…we are not our feelings.  Our feelings are simply a reaction to the things we’re experiencing.  And they always pass.  And even in this challenging moment, everything you’re feeling makes perfect sense.  Even the things that don’t seem to make sense.  

2-You won’t always feel this way.

The one consistent thing in life is change.  I know things may feel daunting and overwhelming right now.  But one thing we can rely on is that whatever is happing today will shift into some new reality.  So even if things are tough to manage, there are inevitable changes around the corner. 

3-You are strong enough to get through this.

I’m sure you feel a bit drained and out-of-body right now.  But you have every tool, skill, and ability to find your way through this. And if you don’t, it will awaken in you or come into your experience. These challenging moments help us expand into growth that will help you for your entire life.  If you don’t feel like you have the tools, keep looking for them…they’re here somewhere.  

4-You will be happy again.

When we’re in pain or triggered, it’s hard to believe things will ever get better.  And yet, they will. They always do.  Our inner wounded child thinks that our pain will last forever and destroy us, but the rain can’t fall forever. And when it lets up, there are all sorts of opportunities for lightness, laughter, ease, and joy.  

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but if it’s you…

Please know you’re not alone.  I’m standing with you as we all navigate our way through.