Gina’s over her garage organizing project.  

Every time she even thinks about working on the garage, she feels this giant load of stress and anxiety bubble up inside of her.  It’s stopping her dead in her tracks.  And it’s getting so bad that she doesn’t want to get out of bed in the morning.  

“But I said I was going to do it this month.  It’s like I have this giant cloud hanging over my head.  I just feel like I’m failing. What’s wrong with me?” she said, tears in her eyes.  

“Nothing’s wrong with you.  Maybe you’re not supposed to be working on the garage right now.  Is it possible that the uncomfortable feelings are trying to guide you to do something else?  I asked.  

Sometimes we set out with the best of intentions on getting something done.  But once we start, we realize quickly that it feels completely out of alignment for us.  Every step feels wrong and overwhelming.  

It’s natural for us to question ourselves.  We all do it sometimes.  But when we’re not making progress when we “said” we would, the peanut gallery in our mind sets up shop and goes to town!  It says…

“Why am I having such a hard time with this?  Shouldn’t this be easier?  Am I ever going to get this done?  What’s wrong with me that I keep not doing this?”

We all have these little voices that fire off when we find ourselves in this place.  And that inner bully stops us from making any real progress.  It’s natural to feel depressed, anxious and overwhelmed when someone is bullying you every day…especially from the inside out.  I mean, who wouldn’t be? 

But what if the opposite is actually true?  

What if the reason why you’re not making progress right now is that there is something else you’re meant to be doing right now? 

What if the uncomfortable feelings are there to guide you into taking action on something else?  Something that’s better aligned for your current path.  

Take a deep breath and lean into that possibility.  

It’s possible the resistance you feel is less of an inner defect and more of a bend in the road, reshaping the flow of your river.  Instead of fighting it, stop. Take a deep breath.  And then look for the next right action that feels good to you.  

I promise you will finish the other big projects in your life. But sometimes, we all need a small detour to get back on track.  

It’s healthy to change your mind.  Especially when it’s founded in you honoring the truth within you.  

May your inner wisdom always drown out the sound of the peanut gallery of your mind.