I couldn’t stop staring at the wall.  It was calling to me.  I ripped the picture down and started tearing up the wall calendar I just bought at Staples.  

It was like something inside of me needed to be born.  I couldn’t stop it.  

I taped the calendar months to the wall and stood back.  There it was.  My whole year laid out ahead of me.  

2020 caught me by storm.  I had plans, ideas, dreams, assumptions.  All of these fell out in March.  I’ve slowly seen my new reality taking shape.  It’s taken me months to move through the grieving process and stop holding on to what “should be” happening right now.  

But I’m here—ready for the next step.  I’m ready for a fresh start. Armed with the IS-ness of all that my life has become this year.  

I set my intention and got to work.  

I spent the next 2 hours claiming days and weeks for all I want to create next year.  How I want to spend my time and energy.  What I want to experience.  What I want from the year ahead.  And with that clarity, I claimed it here on this calendar.

When I finished, I felt like I could breathe. I finally had a plan for the year ahead.  I’ve done this before on a smaller scale. But the truth is that we can only do so much on tiny screens.  We just can’t get the perspective we need to give ourselves what we truly want from our time.

It’s why so many of us struggle with time-management. 

To make a change, we have to pull everything out of our heads and take a good, clear look.  Year planning is so vital to our self-care. But I had no idea how powerful it could be.  I now feel creative, energized, and inspired.  I’ve tweaked my plans a dozen times, each time feeling more and more aligned with my highest self.  

Not doing things for others or because I “should”…but because I know it’s what I need and what will help me the most.  

The more we care for ourselves, the more we have to give and share with others.  

Being the nerdy organizer I am, I started telling people about my calendar. (Sadly, it takes almost nothing to get me talking about my own organizing solutions.)

Soon I had people asking me to help them set their calendars up or come and speak to their groups about it.  

So I decided to share it with you all, my nearest and dearest.  I want you to go into next year feeling empowered, peaceful, and inspired by what’s ahead.  

Join me for my FREE masterclass on Wednesday, December 16th at 5pm PST.  

In this free 1-hour class, I’ll walk you through this powerful planning process and give you everything you need to dive into planning your year ahead.  

Join us and see what’s possible for you in 2021.