So, I reached into the closet yesterday to grab my favorite sweater and it wasn’t there.  I groaned and dug deeper into the shelves.  I found it shoved above my summer sheets and below the masks that need to be put into my travel bags.  

This isn’t the first time either.  In the midst of this year’s unending transitions, “not being able to find something” happens at least once a day.  And my closet isn’t the only place it’s happening.

It also happens when I grab my toothpaste from the bathroom drawer.  And when I go to grab my vitamins each morning.  And probably a few other places I can’t even remember at this moment.  


At least once a day I swear I’m going to organize it and do something about those frustrating little clutter hot-spots.   

But I don’t.

I mean, who has time for that?  

I just got home from traveling.  Between the change of seasons, how impermanent this chapter of my life feels, and my nomadic life…I feel way more chaotic than I want.  

I share this because I want you to see that organization isn’t a perfect science…even for professionals.  Lifestyle changes invite clutter…even for minimalist organizers who teach this stuff on the daily.  

Chaos is not a defect, it’s a path.  It’s an invitation to self-care and kindness to ourselves.  

And the good news is that it’s simpler than you would think.  Each of the areas I mentioned will probably take me about 20 minutes to handle.  I’ve got 20 minutes.  

Can you make 20 minutes?  

This morning I blocked out a few minutes, turned off my phone, turned up my music, and dug in.  In less than an hour, I had room to breathe and a few more organized spaces to support me.

You don’t have to start a huge project to make progress.  You only have to take one small step today.  

Not sure where to start?  I created a free (and super easy) tool to help.  My Pitch and Purge Holiday Detox will help you make some great progress “lightening” up this holiday season.  You’ll get 25 days of guidance to help you create micro-organizing changes for huge relief this month!  Click HERE to grab it now.

Your next big organizing wins starts with the small steps you take now!  You’ve got this!