I opened my email to respond to a client about their garage clutter taking over their hallway. Before I could even click the message, I saw that Sephora was having a huge Memorial Day Sale. Then I got lost in Apple releasing a new iPhone. What?!??

When I finally looked up, I had lost 20 minutes in the “email vortex” of distraction. Burned out, I was done being online and wanted to go for a hike or to go hide in my Netflix queue. Not only had I had lost track of my time, but I also didn’t actually do the thing I came to do! Why? Because that important client email was buried. It sat, unseen, under dozens of emails from Target, Amazon, and every other company emailing me that day! They were all vying for my attention and causing a major bottleneck in my email!

Taking a deep breath, I thought to myself “No more please!!”

We have to share our email addresses to do anything online these days. Thanks, technology! With that comes a never-ending stream of solicitations and “attention-grabbing” emails.

Wading through all the “junk” emails, it’s reasonable to ask yourself…

“Isn’t there a better way?”

Why, YES, yes there is.

I’m so glad you asked!

Check out this video to learn the one simple thing you can do to stop your email clutter chaos. It is possible to stop email overwhelm relief right now…with one simple step. Give me 5 minutes and I’ll teach you how to declutter your email in a major way… without having to delete a single message. It’s time to take your focus back!