I’m standing there holding a black wrap dress in my hand.  I’ve worn it to countless funerals, including the most painful funeral of my life.

Looking at it brings tears to my eyes, but also, I feel total resistance to letting it go.  I glance up and look at Syl, my best friend and soul-sister who is one of the few people in the world that I let into this private world of mine.  She looks at me with compassion as the tears spill down my face.  She smiles a soft smile as I hold the dress close to my heart, take a deep breath in and then toss it into a garbage bag destined for donation.  I lean over and hold Syl tight, breathing deep and allowing her to hold space with me while I process the trauma of yesterday that is reignited in this moment through this dress.  Sometimes organizers need organizers too.

Everyone needs support sometimes.  

Clutter is about so much more than physical stuff.   Clutter is the elaborate web of our lives.  Each object has the potential to be our foundation, a distraction, a reminder of goodness, or a block.  In this moment, I needed help and I wasn’t afraid to ask for it.  Thankfully Syl was there.

  • Who do you reach out to when you need help making sense of the clutter in your life?
  • Who do you feel safe leaning on when the monster in your closet starts to cry in the night?

For me, it’s my bestie Syl.  She is a magical angel who can help me come home to myself in any area of my life. She has seen me through the best of times and the worst.  Who is your Syl?  If you don’t have one, can you reach out for one today?  Don’t want to share these vulnerable secrets with a friend, reach out to a professional (the National Association of Productivity Specialists and Organizers has someone in nearly every corner of the world).

You deserve support, love and encouragement when making peace with the chaos in your life and the wreckage of your past.  Don’t let the shame isolate you.  You deserve support, love and compassion… claim it for yourself today!  If nothing else, I’m here for you and I’m happy to hold space while you find your way home.