Have you ever had the feeling that you clutter is trying to tell you something?  That maybe it means something beyond just “I have too much stuff” or I’m too lazy to clean up at the end of the day?” or “I love shoes!”

If you’ve ever sensed that, you’re 100% right.  Clutter speaks!  It is a powerful tool for healing and transformation.  Every cluttered object…large or small, has the ability to guide you from chaos into freedom.  It is so important to listen to your clutter because when it speaks it is bringing you a life-changing gift.

But how do you know if your clutter is speaking to you, or if it’s just simply stuff that doesn’t mean anything in particular?   There are a 5 simple ways to know if your clutter is speaking to you and inviting in a powerful change…or if it’s just time to let a few things go.

Check out this short video to learn the 5 simple ways to know if your clutter is speaking to you. Once you know this, it’s far easier to answer the call to transform through your stuff.  If your clutter talks to you, share how in the comments below.

Wishing you space to breathe and room to grow!

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