When letting go is hard.

Everyone has at least one part of organizing that is challenging for them. For me, letting go is the most difficult part.  By letting go I don’t mean the decision to let go of things, that’s actually pretty easy for me to solve. What I mean is the actual releasing of objects…taking things to be donated, taking the trash out, etc.  When I get to this phase of organizing my own stuff I tend to freeze like deer in the headlights and then want to take a nap on any horizontal surface in view.

It has been like this since I was a kid.  I remember crying when my parents sold our family truck like they were getting rid of a dear friend.  I’ve always felt drained by this part of organizing when it comes to my own stuff.  It’s more than a mental “challenge” I can think my way out of, it’s a physical reaction that stops me in my tracks and makes progress very difficult to attain. Like I said when letting go is hard…

Check out this short video to learn the 4 things I do to make sure I release things from my life…no matter how hard it is.  You can have a hard time releasing things from your life AND still release them.  I’m living proof of that.


Share your own releasing challenges in the comments below.  Your stories are important to me and I love to hear from you!

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