Your most cherished object says so many things about you. What does your most cherished object say about you?
What is your most prized possession?

As I pack up for my upcoming move (which is getting SO REAL for me now), I am reflecting on my most cherished and valuable objects.

I’m amazed at what I have kept throughout the years. Some of the items are scary. For example, that bedazzled bandanna that I’ve had for 10+ years but never worn makes no sense at all.  But other items, like the special gift my Mom gave me as I moved away at 19, is still with me.

As I reflect on these items, I discover more about myself.  To me, the value of an object is measured by if it brings me happiness, or if it helps me grow.   I was truly surprised by one of the objects that I cherish most!

Watch this short video to learn more about one of my most cherished items. Learn about the ways it has helped me better understand and love myself and this complicated, beautiful journey called life!

I would love to hear what your most cherished possession is. Please share below in the comments! For more videos like this please visit my youtube channel HERE! 

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