Welcome to Gift O’Clock! 

The holidays are here and with them come the gift-iest time of the year.  The holiday season fills us up with gift overload.  If we want to change this paradigm, we have to stop it at the source… the gifts WE give… we need to become more mindful of our gift-giving.

How can you be more mindful of the gifts you love?  🎁

Check out this short video to find out how you can use gift failures from days gone by in order to give more mindful gifts this year.

This year, I felt inspired to share what I’ve learned with you through a holiday organizing course called Holiday Harmony Reboot. Mindful gift-giving is included in this course. This course focuses on helping you re-imagine your holidays so you can successfully create a holiday season that joyful and meaningful (in your own unique way).

I am kicking off the reboot on December 3rd with a live call, followed by a second live call on December 10, 2019. My intention is to help you ease the holiday stress and create more time for yourself. In the meantime, have you reviewed my youtube channel for more tips? CLICK HERE