Whose Holiday Are You Living?

Life brings perpetual change.  Sometimes it’s good… like the birth of a baby, a marriage or a recent move. But other times, the changes are brutal.  It can be hard to move on after someone dies, or after an illness or divorce.  It takes a long time to create our “new” path.  This is never truer than during the holiday season.

The most consistent thing in life is change.

Often times, misery comes from trying to maintain an old belief or pattern as we walk into a new paradigm. So I am going to ask you again whose holiday are you living?

As I’m creating my new Holiday Harmony Reboot course, I’m reminded of how important it is for us to constantly be growing and evolving.

  • How do we as conscious living humans start to evolve our lives to catch up to who we have become?
  • What of our past do we want to keep and what do we need to release or evolve?
  • How do we stop spending our time, energy & resources on things that don’t fit us or feel good anymore?
  • If you could do anything in the world, what would you want your holiday to be like?

No matter what you choose, may this holiday feel more like YOU, the real you… than any other holiday in the past.

If you think you need support in creating that, join us next week for the Holiday Harmony Reboot class.  I would be overjoyed to have you there.

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