Stressful holiday situations can happen since the holidays are here! Holiday joy is swirling around, but with it comes the season’s stress and intensity.  I love the holidays but find that there are many challenges that sneak up on us over and over again that keep us from fully enjoying the joys of the season.

One of the biggest challenges can be personality differences.

Are you ready to sit next to Uncle George at Thanksgiving next week and talk politics, religion or gun control?  Eek!  To each their own, but no thank you please.  Combat is not a side dish that I’m excited to dig into next week!

The good news is that we don’t have to agree on everything to have a healthy and stress-free holiday.  We don’t need to be twins, and honestly, the differences between people can be an enlightening opportunity for growth, expansion, and compassion.

So often the holiday challenges we find ourselves in can be completely planned for…and often we even knew they were coming.  There are a few simple things you can ask yourself to start mapping out a new way of enjoying the holidays…one that isn’t stressful or overwhelming.

In this short video, I share some ideas of what you can do to get yourself through some of the challenging holiday situations and personality differences that may arise during the holidays. A few minutes will get you on track to experiencing your best holiday yet. Let’s figure out how to handle stressful holiday situations  Enjoy!

The holidays don’t need to feel stressful or overwhelming. If you are ready to put the happy back in the holidays and go from chaotic to carefree, I invite you to join me for my Holiday Harmony Reboot!

This will be an interactive online course where you will…

  • Learn how to take re-imagine your happiest holiday season
  • Be more mindful in what you say YES to and when you say NO
  • Stop wasting time and money on traditions that don’t bring you joy
  • Set happy, healthy boundaries that keep you feeling strong
  • Dodge the holiday stress and chaos, and create a dream holiday you love
  • Fill yourself up this holiday season, instead of wearing yourself out

Star’s Holiday Harmony Reboot can help you mindfully create traditions that will leave you feeling happy, fulfilled and calm!

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