It’s time for me to Pare Down for a Fresh Start!

Have you ever been somewhere that felt so much like home that you forgot about every other place you ever lived?  Somewhere that felt so magical that even when you were away from that place, you could feel it calling to you in the distance?

That is what Santa Fe is for me. 

When I’m there, the entire world rises to support me.  I feel held by the Universe, and like angels are moving to support my every step.  It’s an incredible feeling.  I’ve been thinking about moving there for 3 years now, and finally this summer I got the confirmation I was waiting for.  This winter I’m leaving California, the state I’ve called home since 2002, and heading to the desert.  I’ve moved dozens of times.  Moving doesn’t scare me, it thrills me.  But this move carries with it a new kind of excitement.

In this short video below I share a deeper dive behind the scenes of getting ready for the move by Paring Down For a Fresh Start.


For the first time, I’m moving for my own well-being and spiritual fulfillment. I will be paring down for a fresh start!

I’ve moved for school, jobs, love, loss, and convenience.  But I’ve never moved simply because my soul craved it, and because I knew it would give me the kind of nourishment I’ve been seeking.  This winter I am making that move, and I couldn’t be happier.

Is there somewhere in the world that feels to you the way that Santa Fe feels to me? For more videos tips like this go to my youtube channel CLICK HERE

I would love to hear from you! Share in the comments below where your Santa Fe is for you!