How Does Your Home Feel?

When you hear the question of how does your home feel what do you think? Home is where the heart is. How many times have you heard that phrase? How you feel in your personal space is far more important than what others think of your house (or you for that matter). The good news is that you don’t have to organize your entire world just to feel good in your home. Start in a small space such as a drawer and build from there. Once you do the drawer, keep working on the room that you are in but in small sections. Keep working in that room until you complete it. This will create a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

Tell your inner perfectionist to take a nap. It is time to try this 20-minute game to create a shift in your home…right now. Check out this short 3-minute video about how you can transform your space today and open the channels for the organization in every area of your life. Have you checked out my last article about what I really think when I see clutter? Click here to check it out!

So how does your home feel now?