See your clutter in a positive light. 

What do you think I see and feel when I see your clutter? The goal is not to bring out negative emotions but to show you that starting this shift is positive.

As a Professional Organizer, people are always terrified when I go into their homes.  Even friends and family members often clean for days before I visit.

What emotions do you think will come up when I walk into your space?

Judgment?  Disgust?  Fear?

Check out this super quick video about what I REALLY think when I see your clutter.  The truth may actually surprise you and hopefully will set you free from all that negative self-talk. You are so amazing and I want you to know that you should not feel judged.

Realizing that you need help and reaching out for help is an amazing first step. Kudos for getting this far. I am proud of your desire for a change. My last post about letting go of things you might need later is a great way to help your mindset on having a declutter in your home. Click here to check it out. I also share many great tips on my youtube channel.