Europe on my mind…

I sat on my friend’s balcony in southern Italy, sipping a cappuccino as I looked out over the rolling green hills filled with olive trees and yellow wildflowers. The warm ocean breeze kissed my skin as I took a deep breath. I slept a solid 12 hours after months of working non-stop with my amazing clients, creating some incredible new online courses, working on two books, and a top-secret TV project.

I had decided at the beginning of the year to spend the summer in Europe. It was more like a gentle request of the Universe… “Hey Universe, I would love to spend the summer in Europe, do you think we can make that happen?”

I had no idea if, how, or when it would happen.

I just kept putting one foot in front of the other. Somehow that gentle request turned into a full-fledged adventure. I was amazed as I saw the details almost magically come into form as the year moved on.

In my six weeks abroad, I explored the coast of southern Italy & Sicily. I worshipped the sun from the turquoise waters of Tropea and gazed up at the power of Mount Etna a week after its fiery eruption. Do you want to know a secret? I ate more gelato than I would like to admit. As an ice cream lover, I adore how Italians think of gelato as a breakfast food if it’s paired with a brioche…um, yes, please!

After leaving Italy, I flew up to the countryside of Sweden to swim in lakes, hike, harvest honey, and dance around the Maypole at Midsummer Festival. From Sweden, I jetted off to Scotland for one of my soul sister’s weddings. My time in Scotland was a whirlwind of joyful wedding events and celebrations…ending in a gorgeous castle wedding on the coast. I’m still dreaming of bagpipes, kilts, ceilidh dances, and midges (Ouch! They give our mosquitos a run for their money.)

After all my adventures, I came home, knowing one valuable thing. It is so vital to take a real break each year. Not a “working holiday” but an actual disconnected break. There was something so healing about not being in the same time zone as the rest of my “world.”

This trip allowed me to be present in a way I rarely can be.

Because of this, I was able to sleep better, laugh more, connect with others more profoundly, and hear my inner voice more clearly. When I arrived home refreshed, with greater clarity on what I want to give my energy to. I am more grateful for the life I have created for myself. I hope the remaining weeks of your summer are filled with as much magic and rest as I experienced this year! If you are ready to revamp your life, take a look at my youtube channel. Click here!