How to Pack for a Move Like a Pro. Now comes the hard part–actually moving. If you missed the first article in this 2-part series, gear up and get your gameplan ready first. Then come back to learn my proven strategies for packing and moving like a pro.

In the previous article, I led with tip 1–get the right gear, then tip 2–budget for boxes and finally tip 3–know your exit strategy. Let’s move on to the grunt work: packing and moving.

Tip 4–Pack it In

Pack boxes according to where items will go in the new house, not where they are currently stored. Trust me, you’ll thank me later. Consider referencing your new floor plan, or simply make a list of items you know belong in each room. At the moment it might feel easier to just pack items according to whatever fits in the moving boxes you have on hand. But to best prepare for a move, you’ll want to be more strategic.

I recommend packing heavy items in smaller moving boxes. Books and kitchen appliances are great examples of relatively small, but heavier items that can quickly weigh down large or medium size moving boxes. Yes, they fit, but you don’t want to create boxes that only Hercules can move. Bulky items like comforters, blankets, towels and coats can do double duty. They can either be bagged or packed in larger moving boxes. You can use these cushiony items to protect some of your more delicate items including jewelry boxes, clocks or ceramics.

Use a permanent marker to label moving boxes according to the rooms where they belong. It’s also extremely helpful to briefly list the items in the box. Finally, note somewhere on the box which side is up and whether the box is fragile.

One last note on packing for a move. The more uniform your moving boxes are with regard to size, the easier it will be to move groups of them together. A stack of moving boxes loaded onto a hand truck (also called a dolly) moves much more quickly than lugging in individual boxes.

Now unloading and unpacking at the new house will be a cinch. Think of this packing strategy as a way to help your future self. I mean, she’ll be exhausted, ready for a bath and want as much help as possible!

Tip 5–Plan Your Storage

If items will be in storage for a while, I strongly recommend that you take inventory of what is in each box. You can either break out your permanent marker again and list the items directly on the box, or you can write a more detailed list on a piece of paper and tape it to each side of the box. If you’re ultra-organized, you can even create and attach your inventories in the spreadsheet form.

I like to use a simple numbering system. For example, maybe all the number 1 boxes contain important files, paperwork and tax receipts. Your number 2 boxes might contain childhood memorabilia, and your number 3 boxes might contain winter clothes and extra blankets. You get the idea. Make sure to write the matching number for each box on all 4 sides in the event that the front-facing side is turned away from you after you’ve packed all your boxes into storage.

This moving tip requires a little time in advance as you prepare for a move, but it will save you tons of time later if you need to quickly locate something while it’s still in storage. Plus you’ll save money by not having to replace items.

Whew, that’s a wrap! What’s the best part about moving? Well a pizza party on pillow cushions in your new home, of course, haha!

Are you preparing for a move? Contact me for extra help during each phase of the moving process. Let’s do this!