Do you ever wonder why it’s so challenging to organize your linen closet? I’ll tell you why–the culprit is your fitted sheet. The fitted sheet is the wild card in your linen closet. You can never seem to fold or easily store it, and a stack of fitted sheets is even worse when you are trying to organize your linen closet in preparation for overnight guests. Maybe you have even resorted to stuffing all your fitted sheets in a corner or hamper. I totally get it!

If any of the above sounds familiar, you’re doing to love this master organizer trick… I’m going to show-and-tell you the easiest way to organize your linen closet–starting with your fitted sheets.

Watch this 2-minute video and learn how to easily fold a fitted sheet–plus get a BONUS trick for beautifully (and compactly!) storing an entire sheet set. Make sure to watch all the way to the end!

5 Easy Steps to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Step 1

Take one long side of the fitted sheet and put each of your index fingers into the two closest corners.

Step 2

Touch your two fingers together, then flip the fabric from your left side to your right; now switch the fabric from your right side to your left and give the fitted sheet a shake.

Step 3

To get the last two corners tucked into the main corner, take the edge closest to you and run your hand down it. Finding that third corner, put your finger into it and tuck it in with the others.

Step 4

Take the fourth edge and run your hand down it; put your finger in the corner then tuck it into the main corner.

Step 5

Lay the tucked sheet down on a flat surface and smooth it out. Now, fold the fitted sheet into thirds, lengthwise. Then fold it in half.

Now you have a nice, compact fitted sheet. Brilliant, right?

If you watched the video ^^ all the way through, you’ve also learned how to fold and store a complete sheet set starting with your fitted sheet. Next up is the rest of your linen closet!

The tough thing about the linen closet is that it is often a catchall for all things bed, bath, cleaning and more–which means you likely have a bit of a disaster on your hands. But trust me, it is possible to organize your linen closet in a way that makes sense and allows for ease of use.

I recommend starting by categorizing items. Then determine exactly what you would like to store based on the space available (and your sanity!). For example, it might make sense for you to keep a bucket of cleaning items, a mop and a broom in your linen closet if you are limited on space or simply like to have these loosely related items tucked away neatly.

Here is a list of items commonly stored in the linen closet:

  • Blankets
  • Duvet, duvet covers
  • Bed sheets including pillowcases
  • Extra pillows
  • Bath towels including hand towels and washcloths
  • Beach towels
  • Toiletries
  • Dining and antique linens
  • First aid kit

Once you’ve categorized, you’ll want to sort, purge or donate. Set all sorted items aside while you clean your linen closet and wipe down shelves. Add towel bars to the inside of the linen closet door for a bit of extra storage, and quick and easy access. Alternatively, you can create an ironing station to help maximize storage. You can also install adjustable shelving to create custom spaces within your linen closet, making it easier to store bulky items like bedding.

Make your storage do double duty! Use labels to make it easy to quickly find items. I also recommend using (labeled) clear bins and containers to organize your linen closet. In addition to the labels, clear containers make it easy to see where things are stored. Another way to organize your linen closet effectively is to assign a category to each shelf so that you always know where to find specific items. These tips also make it easy for guests to find what they need.

Organize your linen closet in a snap using any or all of these professional organizer tips and tricks. Doesn’t it feel good to tidy up?

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