10 Steps to (Finally!) Get and Stay Organized Course Terms And Conditions

Updated January 1, 2021

The following Terms and Conditions governs your purchase and use of the 10 Steps to (Finally!) Get and Stay Organized Course with Reveal by Star, LLC (“Course”). If you join the Facebook group that is offered with Course, you are also subject to the 10 Steps Community Guidelines. Your use of the course website and materials are also subject to our general Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

By purchasing this Course and accessing the website, you hereby agree to these policies. If you have any questions, please email us at hello@starhansen.com.

REFUNDS: We offer a 14-day refund/return policy, no questions asked. You must contact us by submitting a request by emailing us at hello@starhansen.com within 14 days of your initial Course sign up. We will, however, be curious as to what we can learn from the circumstances that led to your refund request.

Please do not initiate a cancellation request or dispute claim directly with your credit card company as your first step – we are here to help. We cannot initiate a cancellation requested through Facebook or any other social media.

DEFAULTS: If your payment method provided cannot be processed for any of the payments, you’ll be contacted. Your access to Course may be suspended immediately until your payments are current.  If payments are not reconnected, your access to the Course will be revoked.

PRIVATE COACHING SESSIONS: All private coaching sessions must be used within the month purchased.  Individual coaching sessions purchased a la cart, must be used within 60 days.   Sessions will expire if not used within these timeframes. 

COURSE ACCESS:  Course material is accessible for 6 months from the date of purchase.  

MAKING PHYSICAL OR DIGITAL COPIES, PRINTING, SHARING MATERIALS: You may print or make paper or digital copies for your own personal use only.  Any other copying or distribution by any means is strictly prohibited by law. You may not upload content to third-party software. You may not share your login information with others.  All Course materials are copyright protected and are the property of Star Hansen and Reveal by Star, LLC.

PERSONAL ADVICE:  The information contained in or made available through the website (including but not limited to information contained on message boards, Facebook groups, in text files, in products, from services, or in chats) cannot replace or substitute for the services of trained professionals in any field, including, but not limited to, psychological, financial, medical, or legal matters. In particular, you should consult a lawyer in all matters relating to interacting with other people to assure that you are acting in compliance with the law. We make no guarantees about your experience or results from your use of Course materials and you release Star Hansen, Reveal by Star LLC, its officers, employees, and consultants of any liability relating to your use.

ADDITIONAL PROVISIONS: We reserve the right at our discretion to deny access to or remove customers from Course at any time for any reason.

Copyright © 2020 Reveal by Star Hansen, LLC

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